SAND SCULPTURE Sand Sculptures...what a great idea.

' Mente et Artificio' 'With mind and hand'

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Ideas and Themes

If you have an idea I can help develop it. My job is to figure out the details, how it will work in sand, and how to present it, from sketches of the idea to final sculpture

The sculpture will be limited by budget and there are conditions surrounding sand sculpture that make the price fluctuate.



The price of materials and labor varies from place to place.

Given a budget I can let a client know what size of performance can be accomplished. I can arrive at realistic price using information gathered on the region where the sculpture is built, time constraints and the size of the sculpture and site.



We can work with companies and individuals as a consultants, helping them set up the projects and arranging sculptors, volunteers and the project set up. Tents, placements, barriers and designs can be arranged.



Where is the sculpture or performance? Performance is mentioned as they can be built in advance and seen as the finished sculpture.

A good laocation can be selected for your sculpture and local sand might be used to save cost.

Your particular situation is looked at for possible difficulties in placing the sand and together we decide on weight your weight restrictions if indoors. Interiors are special and need extra attention.




If time for the event preparation is short, I use assistants, the best artists in the world to bear on the sculpture. If needed I begin a sand school before carving the main sculptures. We can teach local artists and students for very large sculptures.

  • Sculptures must be booked in advance, a non-refundable deposit given on signing of a contract so that the dates are reserved, and research and planning can begin.
  • Check with past clients to see if they have been satisfied with the results.
  • Book early, months if not longer in advance and try not to cancel as you may loose your deposit.
The Beach
In certain places the sand may be on site already.The beach may be used if one is available and the sand quality good. If you have an event at a lake or seaside, perhaps the sand can be used on the beach, where it lies. Send us a sample to see if it can work, but if not, choose a site along the beach or off the beach to bring imported sand to.
Options for pricing
  • Sculpting one, two or three weeks to create a monumental sculpture
  • Predetermined days or weekends to spend an agreed amount of time to create new work around monumental sculpture
  • and/or participate in giving sand sculpture lessons.

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