SAND SCULPTURE Sand Sculptures...what a great idea.

' Mente et Artificio' 'With mind and hand'

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D-Day sculpture and 150th Anniversary of Riva Bella, June 6th 2016



Cologne, Vibrant citiies, Minniapolis 2004, Organized group carve



Outdoors and Size

I have twenty five years mounting sand projects both indoors or outside and a knowledge of materials and construction techniques.

Sand sculptures can be very large and can cover a large space or a few square meters.

Sculptures can relate to the other with the space between filled with landscapes, designs, etc.

They can be anywhere you want. In a courtyard an atrium, a parking lot, almost anyplace.

They make great backdrops for outdoor events and excellent meeting places to group, relax and watch the sculptor or just look at the details.

Sand Sculpture Labyrinths and Lighting

Labyrinths can be constructed out of the pure sand so that the public must wind their way through.

The height of the carved walls block the view of the outside world.

Travelers through sand labyrinths exist in a world created by the artists.

Lighting can be dramatic or video projection can be used to animate the sculpture.

The continuity of sand sculpture reminds one of painting yet it has a three dimensionality, a play of light and dark. Ths is very complex and expensive to achieve in other materials.

Organized group carve in Cologne.

Foire de Caen 2015


Below is a part of the product natural, with no artificial lighting.


Below is the same sculpture lit by video projection. The lights are constantly changing with original music by Bandit



The Weather and Sand Sculptures

Rain and WInd

These sculptures can resist rain to a great degree. A protective covering can be sprayed on to the project to preserve it against the elements. Repair work may be done in the event of problems with very severe weather but this is rare. They weathered extreme conditions for weeks and stayed for a month longer for visitors to see. Sand sculptures can be sculpted with drainage in mind. Openings are made in strategic places and inclined surfaces help with runoff in case of torrential rains.

Cologne, Germany August, 2004

Organized group carve in Cologne.

Cologne, Germany August, 2004
Protecting the Sculpture

The Finish

Spraying the sculpture in regular intervals helps save the details from the wind and the rain. Water should run off, and wind will pose no problem. These sculptures made for Cologne weathered three major storms and three solid weeks of rain that devastated other sand sculptures in Northern Europe. This sculpture looks very good!

Cologne, Germany August, 2004

Cologne, Germany August, 2004


When the sun is shining the sculptures come to life. When it is dull and gray, the photographers come. The changing face of the sand sculpture from the light and the development of the sculptures as the artists work fascinates the public

Cologne, Germany August, 2004ust

Cologne, Germany August, 2004

Exterior Beach Projects: Special Projects


Omaha Beach, Normandy D-Day 50th anniversary



Omaha Beach, Normandy D-Day 50th anniversary


The White House Commission on Remembrance.

The plan for the memorial day was mixing sand from the five landing beaches to create a temporary monument at Omaha beach. A sculpture was made for the White House Commission on Remembrance, and with sand sculptor John Gowdy (American), we created an historically accurate sand sculpture on Normandy Beach to commemorate the 60 th Anniversary of D-Day.


Omaha Beach, Normandy D-Day 50th anniversary

It scored on may counts as it was a real emotional tribute with lots of veterans coming long ways to see the sculpture. It was

See: United States Department of Defense News
Meanwhile, Back On The Beach

The sculpture can be on the beach where it all started.

Beach contests and projects are the favorite of the sculptor and public. Whether a simple days work or the labor of many weeks, having shaped sand morph into the beach or wash into the seas, it is sand sculpture's natural habitat.

Small and large projects happen on the beach where sand is plentiful and people stroll the line between the land and the sea.


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