SAND SCULPTURE Sand Sculptures...what a great idea.

' Mente et Artificio' 'With mind and hand '

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Centre Pompidou, Paris, October 2015- March 2016

An six month exhibition of changing architecture. During the six months changes take place every two months, three interventions that show a city in development. Cities are rarely made at once, they grow and develop due to necessity, population growth, changes in population demographics and social upheaval.




Dale Murdock




The Citidel

The center of the city and a massive structure. This is detailed during interventions and parts destroyed, changed and adapted. There are four styles on the island; the curvacious flowing citidel, a crystaline style, the modular buildings and a developing cliff hanging group in the back. One may advance and the other make room as social status, population and power changes on the island plateau.











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