SAND SCULPTURE Sand Sculptures...what a great idea.

' Mente et Artificio' 'With mind and hand'

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Sand School

This is an example of a long term event and extremely popular place to take the family in the winter.

Centre Pompidou, Paris OCtober 2015 - March 2016


Lessons are great exploring experiences and are a fast way of introducing someone to three dimensional sculpture. Some simple tools, small buckets made of plastic, sand and a little water is a recipe for a lot of fun. Sculpting instructions are fun and informative and it is easy to learn the basics.


Tables are set up to work on which makes it easy for young and old to get down to the buisness of fun without getting their knees sandy. The public is curious about sand sculpture so it is a real drawing card to your amusement park. Lessons and competitions can happen during the day, or weekends when traffic is high.

The methods and techniques are easy for children or adults of all ages. The public can participate on many levels, families can work together on a peice or individuals work alone. s. This can be interesting for sponsors or anyone who wants to be seen and can give a little in return.

girl sculpts

Below: Cologne, Germay


Below: APAJH Ifs, France

Indoors or outside, the sculpture will be the talk of the event. Create a backdrop of a sculpture and let the students fill it with their work.

Working with persons with disabilities was both challenging and rewarding.

The effort they put into the project was commendable and the results speak for themselves.








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