SAND SCULPTURE Sand Sculptures...what a great idea.

' Mente et Artificio' 'With mind and hand'

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Dale Murdock's Art Concept


Formal art education began at high school with my

teacher John Perret working with clay sculpture using kilns.

Post Secondary Education

I studied sculpture at the University of Saskatchewan with clay and bronze casting.

Proffesor Bill Epp

B.A. in The History of Art from the University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada, in 1991.


4 years in the sculpture department at UVic, Proffessors Mowry Baden and the late Roland Brener.




World Championships at Harrison Hot Springs


"I have been working at unifying elements of ground and sculpture."


"There are artists working in pure sand doing some very daring sculptures using

provocative themes and interestingr content and design."


"Sand sculpture is not unattached elements, it is complete can be part of its environment

and attaced to the ground, not a temporarily object lying on a beach."


"If a temporary sand sculpture is site specific this can be used to full advantage, drawing the sculptures together from the surroundings. It pulls up from the ground in bold designs and seems to come from the earth mimicing graphic rythms of two dimensional images in complete terms".

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